All of us know from our own journeys, particularly our own childhood traumas, that the Past often shapes and even intrudes on the Present. Reclaiming these fragments of ourselves that were left behind, then, is vital to the flourishing of our collective future.

All across the world today, the traumas of history are rearing their heads, manifesting in shootings, inter-nation conflict, and hypernationalism. In this episode, we explore the the Past, integrated versus unintegrated; the meaning of the word “Sankofa”; and the ingredients necessary for the healing of our collective Past, and the liberation of the river that is our collective Future.

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When I first read the story detailing the horrific murders in Atlanta this past month, I struggled to really feel it. Too much was happening in my world here in Okinawa, too much grief and sorrow due to events here on the island. My heart simply did not have room to take in any more.

After shutting down the news for a week, I took another look. I read a few articles, spoke with friends and family, and watched a video my dad had sent, featuring some of his Asian American church colleagues in a call for solidarity.

Most of…

For many of us, we are still struggling to grieve and understand the horrific shootings in Atlanta last month. In this episode, we explore the reality of emotional numbness after events like these; how Atlanta reveals a deep, old split between body and spirit; the responsibility of the Church and a critical moment for its future; and the possibilities for restoration found in the sensual, erotic reunion between flesh and soul.

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There is something about the dark times: when plans fail, when our hearts break, when we lose all of the structure that seems to hold our life together. The mystics called it “piercing the veil”: those catalysts, usually some sort of profound suffering or exquisite love, that break through the surface of life and allow us to fall into the arms of what lies beneath. …

In response to the violent events we have witnessed as a nation this past month, and the yearlong loss, suffering and separation we have experienced due to the pandemic, I wanted to offer this brief meditation as a space to feel together the sorrow and grief present in our bodies and hearts, with the understanding that when we embrace the fullness of sorrow, it becomes sacred. And that by allowing it to carve into the depths of our being, we become deeper, wider, vaster vessels that can hold more of all of Life.

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Most of us know by now that we live in an increasingly polarized world. Left and right, Black and White, racist/antiracist, conservative/activist, Trump supporters and BLM, North and South, capitalist and socialist.

Our society is being pulled apart by the poles, even as the polar icecaps melt into the ocean, endangering Life itself.

Swallowed up daily by the ever-encroaching extremes, we face today the extinction of all that is In Between. Edges. Borderlands. The pause between inhalation and exhalation.

Yet just as in the natural world, where the collision of habitats creates a unique flourishing of life, these spaces are…

Here, we rest.

In the place beneath the tides of sensation, emotion, thought.

In the canvas behind the painting.

In the vast space that holds the words, that gives them a home.

In the eternal Presence that was, and is, and is to come.

Here, we are invited to lie down, to lay our heads on the softest pillow, and to let our bodies and minds yield to the infinite.

Here, we encounter the wonder of it all. We remember that we have an eternal Home, and that our bodies are precious, this embodied form an adventure.

Oh, the mystery of the vastness, the place where Spirit once hovered, indeed still hovers over the waters. The holiness that gave birth to all that Is.

From here, we came––to here, we return. And the wondrous cycle goes on, singing its ancient hymn.

David Kim

Writings from Okinawa 沖縄 on healing, Spirit, econ and politics. Trained as a classical homeopath. Host of the KimCast.

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